Indo Board - Kicktail Pro<br/>(Natural Only)

Indo Board - Kicktail Pro
(Natural Only)

Indo Board: Kicktail Pro - Natural
Indo Board: Kicktail Pro - Natural

Indo Board Kicktail Pro

The Indo Kick Tail is for advanced riders only!!! The Indo Board Kicktail Pro is specifically designed for big skate tricks; ollies, kickflips, shuv-its, rail slides, grabs & transfers. This model offers the most stability available of any kicktail model. Wakeskaters, Wakeboarders, Skateboarders, and Snowboarders love this model! The Kicktail Pro is constructed like a skateboard and may break under big tricks, recommended weight limit is 200 pounds. The Indo Board Mini Kicktail Pro set includes 40x 10 in. board, 6.5 in. roller, and DVD.

Indo Board Mini Pro: Colors Available in Natural

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