Prolite: SUP - Paddle Bag

Prolite: SUP - Paddle Bag

Prolite: Stand Up and Paddle - Paddle Bag
Prolite: Stand Up and Paddle - Paddle Bag

Prolite SUP Paddle Bag

Prolite has constructed their paddle bags with the finest materials so that your paddles are protected even in the most rigorous travel conditions. The Prolite SUP Paddle bag is made with durable 420D nylon and 2mm foam. So, whether your traveling by car or by plane you know Prolite has a paddle bag that will give you the protection you need. In short, get this bag, get your board and paddle, and get to the beach!

Prolite: Stand Up and Paddle: Paddle Bag - holds 1 paddle.

Prolite: Stand Up and Paddle: Paddle Bag Sizes: 93'' long w/ velcro to adjust for shorter paddle

Prolite: Stand Up and Paddle: Bag Colors: Grey/Charcoal  

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