FCS Fins

FCS Fins

FCS Fins

FCS stands for "Fin Control System". FCS Fins and plugs were introduced to the Australian market in 1992 and then released globally in 1994. The first FCS plug was patented shortly after their global release allowing FCS Fins to quickly become the worldwide standard for removable Surfboard Fins. To this day FCS Fins are one of the strongest, most successful, and most widely used removable fins in the world.

Since their global release in 1994, FCS Fins have laid claim to 30 ASP World Titles among countless other surf event titles. No other fin system in the world currently lays claim to a single ASP World Title in the men’s, women’s, junior's, or longboard divisions. The success of FCS Fins is a testament to their advantages over other fins and fin systems and this includes traditional fixed Surfboard Fins.

We are an authorized online dealer for FCS and have carried FCS Fins since before most companies had online shops. We strive to carry and stock the entire line of FCS Fins, we consider ourselves a premiere online surf shop and as such we back that claim up with the knowledge, customer service and brands that you would expect us to have. If you don't see the EXACT set of FCS Fins you're looking for or if you would like to purchase a single Fin or if you if you have any questions about any of our FCS Fins please use our live chat, call or email us! 813.436.0484 Service@TheSurfboardWarehouse.com

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FCS B5 Bonzer Quad
Starting at: $89.99
FCS Fins AB1<br/>G-10 Tow Fins
Regular Price: $174.99
On Sale For: $125.99
FCS Fins Danny Ching<br/>(UL/Carbon SUP Fin)
Regular Price: $129.99
On Sale For: $77.99
FCS Fins FK-2 Keel Twin
Starting at: $84.99
FCS Fins GX<br/>(Side Fin Set)
Starting at: $29.99
FCS Fins G-XQ <br/>(Quad Rears)
Regular Price: $54.99
On Sale For: $41.99

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