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Dakine Surfboard Bags: "Opinion - Dakine Surfboard Bags"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 4/7/2017

The best way for me to describe Dakine Surfboard Bags in one word is solid. I personally have an old Dakine World Traveler that's never let me down, though it's beat up from years of use, everything on it, the zippers, velcro, handles and wheels, still work just fine. When I'm ready for a new travel surfboard bag I may change it up, just to see what some of the other guys have to offer in a real world situation, but NOT by any means because my Dakine Surfboard Bag ever let me down.

Dakine Surfboard Bags consist of a tight, well made, slightly smaller range than normal, featuring surfboard socks, surfboard day bags and surfboard travel bags. When looking at the Dakine surfboard day bags you'll immediately come across the Dakine Daylight Deluxe, in my opinion one of the sharpest looking bags we carry. Though you won't really notice anything out of the ordinary, what you will find is a very well made surfboard day bag with one side a tough nylon and the other a well made heat reflective material. The shoulder strap is made  and padded very well and while it might sound insignificant, if you've ever had to lug your surfboard around for any length of time, you might swear this is the most important feature on any surfboard day bag.

If you have a surf trip coming up and are in need of a new surfboard travel bag, the Dakine Surfboard Bag line doesn't disappoint here either. The Dakine Recon 3.0 is one of our most popular travel surfboard bags, holding either one or two surfboards with a very slim profile and again, what I believe you'll notice here is the quality. Keep in mind that with all the Dakine Surfboard Bags you get a lifetime warranty on the zipper, this might not sound like a big deal, but when Dakine has this kind of confidence in that part of their Surfboard Bag you can be sure things are made well. I can't stress it enough the shoulder strap on all of the Dakine travel surfboard bags is made better than one might expect and that's a bid deal when you're traveling to surf, trust me.

At The Surfboard Warehouse we all surf, we care, we want you to get the Dakine Surfboard Bag you need, if Dakine is the brand you choose to go with. You're a surfer, we're an ACTUAL surf shop that understands the Dakine Surfboard Bags we sell. At The Surfboard Warehouse, on this very page, you'll see every Dakine Surfboard Bag currently available, whether it's a Dakine surfboard sock, a Dakine surfboard day bag or a Dakine travel surfboard bag. Not sure which Dakine Surfboard Bag you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. We typically have every Dakine Surfboard Bag offered here in our warehouse, so we can pull it and put our hands on it to answer any specific questions you may have. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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