Futures Fins Quad Fin Sets: "Barrel Hunting with a Futures Fins Quad Set"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 3/9/2017

I have personally ridden a Futures Fins Quad Fin Set on the North Shore and for those of you who have never made your way to the North Shore of HI, the word that sums it up is HEAVY. If you've done your research on Quad Fins you should have found that if you're going to be barrel hunting, riding a Quad is probably going to be your ticket when it comes to getting in and out of deep, fast barrels. In this article we're going to dive into why that is and attempt to give a frame of reference when it comes to the Futures Fins Quad Fin line. Now, we did talk about Futures Fins Thruster Fins and 5-Fin Sets previously in the below articles, please reference them if necessary.

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The Quad is interesting and actually out dates the thruster, though the modern surfer might not realize that fact. The reason the quad has come back so strong lately is because of the progression of "shape". Surfboard shape has come a long way in recent years, new materials and new outlines have had shapers wondering what would happen if they took their design and made it a Quad. Furthermore, Futures Fins, other removable surfboard fins and more specifically 5-Fin boards have given shapers the ability to test a single surfboard as a Thruster and as a Quad without changing any thing else. And what's the take away? A Futures Fins Quad Set might have more to do with the conditions than the actual surfboard(s) that they're on, think getting barreled.

That brings you up to speed. Now why is it that a Quad tends to do better in hollow, powerful waves? With a little thought, we can walk you though why. Think about leaning on rail HARD, you're going to have your inside fin engaged with the wave and probably "some" of your center fin, if you're on a thruster. Now, lets follow this through. If you're center fin comes out of the wave, your finished. You've "slid out" and if you're in a barrel it's over the falls you go. What happens if you're using a Quad? When you lean on rail you're going to have two fins completely engaged on the face and since your Quad Rears are closer to the rails than the center fin on a thruster would be, you're less likely to slide out. That's it, that's why a Quad Fin Set is going to be better for Barrel Hunting, you have more hold and can lean on harder on rail.

Now enter Futures Fins specifically. I LOVE Futures Fins Quad Fin line, specifically because you have options. Not only are their a good number of Future Fins Quad Sets, there's also a ton of Futures Fins Futures Fins Quad Rear Fins. You'll also find different flex patters and sizes, so you're sure to find a Quad Fin Set that suits your "feel". For smaller waves, I'd go with a quad that has a Vector 2 Foil, which is unique to Futures. The Futures Fins Generation Series F6 5-Fin and Stamps 5-Fin Sets come to mind. Then for big heavy barrels I'd go with a flat foil, as a flat foiled fin doesn't necessarily generate it's own speed, which you won't need if it's heavy. The Futures Fins new Control Series EA Quad Fins come to mind. If you're absolutely insane and trying to drop into BOMBS, spend the money and get a Futures Fins G-10 Glass Quad. In that type of situation, where not making the wave is life or death, you want a Quad Fin set that will hold your line no matter what. Futures offers the GL 3.75 Quad, the GL 4.0 Quad and the Paddle Quad in G-10 Glass.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we've also partnered with the Finatic Fin Testing Program as a way to offer you a solution when it comes to trying Futures Fins before you buy them. Finatic allows you the ability to test every set of Futures Fins through their platform which operates much link Netflix. You set up your "queue" of fins and receive a set in the mail, to surf as long as you like. When you're comfortable with how those fins affect your surfing you simply send them back and Finatic will send you another set from your queue. We believe that Finatic is the next thing in the evolution of our sport when it comes to surfboard fins and that's why we have chosen to partner with them. Finatic does not sell new fins, so when you find a set of fins that you like, head back here to The Surfboard Warehouse let us know which set you'd like to purchase and we'll get them to you.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we are proud to say that we have sold Futures Fins over the internet longer than anyone else! So when it comes to your shortboard, if it's a Futures Fins Thruster set you're after, you know that we're able to help you get the exact set of Futures Fins that's best for you and your shortboard. If you're not sure which set of Futures Fins you need, pleas call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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