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Roberts Surfboards

We are proud to be the FIRST Florida authorized dealer for Roberts Surfboards! Below you will see all of the Roberts Surfboards we currently have in stock! As with any of our surfboard manufacturers please contact us if you would like to order a custom Roberts. Please note, custom Surfboard orders could take 4 to 6 weeks OR MORE. For any questions about Roberts Surfboards please use our live chat, call or email us! 813.436.0484

Initially all Firewires were built in Australia and San Diego. However, due to the labor intensive and complex nature of their construction, it soon become apparent that they would not be able to build our boards in these locations and still offer them at reasonable retail prices. Like most high tech sports equipment, they had to move our production to Asia. But that's where Firewire company has not followed the traditional path of out-sourcing production to third party Asian manufacturers.

They took the difficult and expensive step of setting up their own factory in Thailand from scratch, owned and operated by Firewire and focused on building our boards. Not only has this allowed them to control their quality and protect our technology, but they've also implemented a western style of management (full time Operations and QC Manager are both Australian surfers), and in doing so they've created a positive working environment for their staff.

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