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3D Fins: "3D Fins Push the Envelope, Again and Again..."

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Published: 7/6/2017

Here at The Surfboard Warehouse we've always been a fan of 3D Fins and adopted their "dimple" technology early on. It's nice to see a company take the status quo and push the envelope. When it comes to 3D Fins, technically "3DFINS", we believe they've done it again with the 3D Fins JOB Surfboard Fins, featuring their "Channel Tip" technology. Can a fin return more energy to your surfboard in the form of speed? Yes. Is 3D constantly pushing the envelope? Yes. If you'd like to learn all about 3D Fins and the technology surrounding them, please read on.

Before we really dive in we would like to point out that 3D Fins come FCS, Futures and FCS II compatible, just so we're all on the same page and so you realize no matter which boxes you prefer, 3D has Fins for you. Now, in the current line the only set of 3D Fins available in FCS II Compatible bases are the JOB (Jamie O'brien) Fins. That said, we all ready know they're a keeper, with 3D's channel tip technology.

To us at The Surfboard Warehouse, 3D Fins has always been about their dimple technology, which really is quite simple when you break it down. In the golf world it is well known that if you have a golf ball without dimples, you can't hit it nearly as far. Without getting to technical, this is because a smooth ball encounters much more resistance than a ball with dimples or the traditional golf ball of today. This has to do with air foils, lift and a few other aerodynamic principals that are a bit to detailed for this article, but I assure you these principals exist and dimples help send a golf ball much further. If they didn't, the golf balls of today would be as smooth as could be.

Here's where this gets interesting, why spend a ton of money on R&D throwing darts at a dart board when it comes to making a faster fin? Why not just apply proven technology from another industry to ours? That's exactly what 3D Fins did and it's genius. Realizing that aerodynamic principals are only increased by several factorials in the water, aka hydrodynamics, the same principals that apply to golf balls apply to Surfboard Fins many times over! Putting dimples on the outside faces of their Fins, 3D Fins has come up with a way to greatly increase drive and speed when coming into and out of turns. I like this quote from 3D Fins,

"Most elite surfers will agree that fins contribute up to 50% of how well a surfboard performs."

We completely agree with that statement and have therefor stood behind and sold Surfboard Fins over the internet longer than anyone else. Period. We love that statement and love the 3D Fin approach, pushing the envelope with the "50% of your board" you may not think about.

Past the "dimples", 3D Fins has produced some killer templates, uses premium materials and to round out the perfect storm of Fin design, they have Josh Kerr to test everything they dream up. As if that wasn't enough to get you stoked on 3D Fins, now they have "Channel Tip" technology released with the new 3D Fins JOB Fin in both FCS II and Futures Fins Compatible Bases. After nearly two years in development and a podium finish as a prototype at the Volcom Pipe pro 2016, JOB and 3D Fins felt that his fin was ready. Channel Tip technology is again simple, in that it's borrowed technology, this time from old style boards with "Channels". While those surfboards didn't seem to last, no one would argue about their speed. So what did 3D Fins do? They put channels on a Fin. BRILLIANT. This resulted in reduced fin tip turbulence which improves both hold and overall speed. We have a feeling the JOB Fins won't be the last set of 3D Fins to utilize the 3D Channel Tip or the FCS II Compatible Base.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we've also partnered with the Finatic Fin Testing Program as a way to offer you a solution when it comes to trying 3D Fins before you buy them. Finatic allows you the ability to test every set of 3D Fins through their platform which operates much link Netflix. You set up your "queue" of fins and receive a set in the mail, to surf as long as you like. When you're comfortable with how those fins affect your surfing you simply send them back and Finatic will send you another set from your queue. We believe that Finatic is the next thing in the evolution of our sport when it comes to surfboard fins and that's why we have chosen to partner with them. Finatic does not sell new fins, so when you find a set of fins that you like, head back here to The Surfboard Warehouse let us know which set you'd like to purchase and we'll get them to you.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we are proud to say that we have sold 3D Fins over the internet since before it was cool... A very, very long time. So whether you're considering a single longboard fin, a thruster, or quad set, you know that we're able to help you get the exact set of 3D Fins that's best for you. If you're not sure which set of 3D Fins you need, pleas call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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