Fin-S Fins

Fin-S Fins

Fin-S Fins

What are Fin-S Fins? Fin-S is a BRAND NEW Fin System that's COMPLETELY SCREWLESS! Below is OUR interview with the guys from Fin-S. We talked with them about their NEW screwless, tooless, Keyless Fin System! Fin-S Fins AND Fin-S boxes are available NOW, we just need to finish getting our Fin-S product photo's shot and  the Fin-S Fins up on the site, but they'll be up within a few days! If you have any questions about this new Screwless Fin system from Fin-S please use our live chat, call or email us! 813.436.0484

 Don't know which fins to buy? Become a Finatic™ and try them all!

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Fin-S Fins MB1<br/>(Matt Boilos/LOST)
Starting at: $80.99
Fin-S Fins SE1<br/>(Sharp Eye)
Starting at: $80.99
Fin-S Fins X1<br/>(Xanadu Shapes)
Starting at: $82.99
Fin-S Fins SG<br/>(Sunny Garcia Fins)
Starting at: $90.99
Fin-S Fins TK1<br/>(Wade Tokoro)
Starting at: $80.99
Fin-S Fins HI1
Starting at: $80.99
Fin-S Fins S Series<br/>(S3 S5 & S7)
Regular Price: $80.99
On Sale For: $59.99
Fin-S Fins Q1
Starting at: $53.99
Fin-S Fins QS1<br/>Stretch Quad
Starting at: $96.99

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