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FCS Surfboard Day Bags: "Pushing the Limits with FCS Surfboard Day Bags"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 5/21/2017

Here at The Surfboard Warehouse we like FCS a ton and now we have a reason to like them even more. That's because the FCS Surfboard Day Bag line just got even better. Two years ago FCS released their FCS 3DXFit technology and since then all they've done is improve on it. If you're not familiar with FCS 3DXFit technology or you just want to see what improvements have been made this year with regards to FCS Surfboard Day Bags read on, this article is for you.

First lets look at the FCS Classic Surfboard Day Bag, nothing fancy here, just a solid Day Bag. Sometimes surfers want an option that's just a cost effective Surfboard Day Bag with no frills and that's exactly what you get with the FCS Classic Surfboard Day Bag line, comprised of Shortboard, Funboard and Longboard templates. Again, nothing fancy to see here, but if you want to store your surfboard, put your surfboard in a Day Bag inside your travel coffin or if you live a hop, skip and a jump from the beach, the Classic is for you. It provides basic protection from the heat, with heat reflective white/tarpee material on both sides and the 5mm padding is ready for you, if you happen to bump your surfboard against something. The FCS Classic Surfboard Day Bag is Cost effective Surfboard protection at it's best.

Now, the FCS 3DXFit Surfboard Day Bag is a completely different story, it's a Day Bag to get excited about and I mean that with complete sincerity. The 3DXFit Surfboard Day Bag takes a completely different approach to Surfboard Bag design. FCS has taken the seams and brought them perpendicular to your surfboard. What this means, is that a 3DXFit Surfboard Day Bag does NOT have seams along the rail, providing an interesting solution when it comes to the rails of your surfboard being damaged, because now there's padding completely surrounding the rails of your surfboard.

FCS didn't stop there, they've also added "a unique "armadillo" strip (black strip down the middle of the bag) that not only provides ventilation, but it stretches to also keep the 3DXFit Day Bag snug and secure around your surfboard!" At The Surfboard Warehouse we believe that FCS is onto something here with the 3DXFit Surfboard Day Bag. As mentioned earlier, the 3DXFit was released about two years ago, but this year FCS has upped their game, using better materials and reducing the templates down to three, an All Purpose, a Funboard and a Longboard. The only thing that needs to be discussed here is the All Purpose template, which has been tweaked so that both Shortboards and Hybrids will fit snugly inside this 3DXFit Surfboard Day Bag.

It should also be noted that FCS has also created one of the most dynamic ranges of SUP Surfboard Day Bags in the industry. When it comes SUP, I promise FCS hasn't forgotten about you and has a Surfboard Day Bag that will fit your needs, so make sure you keep FCS in mind if you're looking into a Stand Up and Paddle Day Bag.

At The Surfboard Warehouse we all surf, we care and we want you to get the right FCS Surfboard Day Bag for your needs. You're a surfer, we're an ACTUAL surf shop that understands Surfboards and the Surfboard Day Bags we sell. At The Surfboard Warehouse, on this very page, you'll see every Surfboard Day Bag currently made by FCS, all at great prices. Not sure which FCS Surfboard Day Bag you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. We typically have every FCS Surfboard Day Bag offered here in our warehouse, so we can pull it and put our hands on it to answer any specific questions you may have. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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