Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leashes "Is a Creatures Surfboard Leash Unbreakable?"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted 5/10/17

I like Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leashes. Why? It's simple, Creatures innovates, they do things differently. Now, obviously I don't think Creatures of Leisure builds a Surfboard Leash that you can't break. That said, maybe Creatures thinks they do, their new leashes come with a 2 year warranty...have you ever heard of that? We haven't. Besides that, Creatures has come up with a lot of tech. that makes their Surfboard Leashes stand out, their Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel and DNA Flex Mold technology both create one of the strongest surfboard leashes on the market. At The Surfboard Warehouse, we're digging the new Creatures of Leisure Leashes, read on to see why.

Creatures of Leisure Leases are loaded with features, one that i find important is their Non-Slip Cuff. I don't know about you, but I've had many a take off screwed up when my leash cuff managed to rotate, putting the leash directly in front of my foot, ultimately getting it tangled in my feet while trying to take off on a wave. The Non-Slip Cuff on your new Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leash uses a specifically designed neo-mesh material that prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle. This also creates a super comfortable, lighter, thinner cuff. Better tech. equals more waves, that's all that needs to be said.

Next, lets talk about a part of the Creatures of Leisure Leash that is unbreakable, the Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel. The swivels on a Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leash use stainless steal bearings, creating an unbreakable, self-lubricating swivel that produces continuous friction free motion, virtually eliminating leash tangles. Combine that with the Creatures DNA Flex Mold a you get one hell of a strong surfboard leash. The Creatures of Leisure DNA Flex mold is the part of the leash that connects the leash to the cuff and rail saver, this revolutionary connection absorbs wave impact, stretching with the leash to resist breakage. A Creatures of Leisure Leash and DNA Flex Mold will stretch up to 5x original length. One word, awesome.

There are many other features available across the Creatures of Leisure Leash line, of which we carry every one. Again, I remind you that Creatures of Leisure has a 2 year warranty on most of their surfboard leashes. "Creatures DNA Leashes are so dependable and resistant to breakage that they come with a 2 year warranty." There you have it, strait from Creatures. At The Surfboard Warehouse, we are proud to be an online, authorized dealer for Creatures of Leisure, so whether it's a Surfboard Bag, Traction Pad or Surfboard Leash, you're going to get the best selection and the best service, at the best prices. If  you're not sure which Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Leash you need, please call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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