FCS AM, AM2 & AM3 Fin Review: Al Merrick Signature FCS Fins

We’re BACK, with brand NEW Fin Video Reviews fresh off the cam and posted to our YouTube channel for you! Like I said, we’re going to keep knocking them out till we go over every fin we sell! lol Right now we’ve moved on to the FCS AM Fins which feature the AM, AM2 and AM3 Templates. Now, these are Al Merricks Signature FCS Fins, which Al Merrick specifically designed for a verity of surf conditions and weight ranges. The FCS AM, AM2 and AM3 Fins feature relatively similar templates, in three different sizes. Remember you can try the FCS AM, AM2 or AM3 Fins before you buy them with our Finaticâ„¢ Fin Testing Program! So, become a Finaticâ„¢ member and start testing fins to find which fins work best for you! As always any comments are welcome, thanks again for all your support!

Buy the FCS AM, Am-2 or AM-3 Fins here:


TRY the FCS Al Merrick Fins in our Finaticâ„¢ program HERE:


Here’s a link to ALL of our FCS Fins:


Here’s a link to the FCS Al Merrick Fin Review on YouTube:


Watch the FCS AM, AM2 and AM3 Fin review on YouTube Channel Here:

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